Does cinnamon help you burn fat?

Cinnamon has been in the press recently, with some nutritionists advising us to drink cinnamon water to help burn fat.  Where does this advice come from and is it effective?  And what is the official advice on cinnamon?

What is the case for cinnamon?

Some studies on animals have found that cinnamon may have health benefits.  For example a study published in 2017 concluded that cinnamon had fat burning properties in mice.  We still seem to be awaiting research to confirm whether this is also the case in humans.

what is the official guidance on cinnamon?

There is no specific advice from NHS Choices on cinnamon. However there is a ‘Behind the Headlines‘ comment from the NHS on a study looking at the potential benefits of cinnamon for Alzheimer’s.  The comment on this study, on flies and mice, is that  “more investigation is needed to determine whether the [high quantity] extract is safe and works in humans.”

Diabetes UK  says of research back in 2000 finding health benefits of cinnamon, is that it is interesting but Diabetes UK is not recommending that people start taking ‘large doses’ of the spice

The bottom line

Despite the caution about overdoing the quantities, there is certainly also no official advice not to eat cinnamon either.  This is evidenced by the recipes containing cinnamon on these same official websites!  So why not try some – for example:

Cinnamon is a spice that has been used to flavor foods for hundreds of years. You could just sprinkle some on your fruit and yogurt, (or a fruit smoothie) for a tasty dessert? If you are feeling adventurous you could even try out some cinnamon water!

Proven ways of losing weight are to eat a healthy diet with the right portion sizes and exercise.

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